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Should you wish to advertise 24/7, 365 days per year, on the Front page of this website, the cost is R730 per year. This means that your 1 page advertisement of about 500 words with a picture of your establishment or business and Google map will show on the front page of this website for only R2 per day. As soon as we receive your payment of R730 your advertisement will appear.

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This Website is specifically directed at any product or service that is rendered to stakeholders in the funeral industry. To add your funeral industry business to this website please complete the form with all your business details and information about the service you can render to stakeholders.


The funeral industry includes:

• Funeral Training

• Funeral Service Providers

• Funeral Undertakers

• Funeral Directors

• Funeral Parlours

• Coffin Suppliers

• Casket Suppliers 

• Deceased Estates and Wills

• Dome Casket Suppliers

• PA Sound Systems for funerals

• Suppliers of Funeral flowers

• Suppliers of Wreaths

• Suppliers of Upholstery for coffins, caskets, dome caskets

• Suppliers of Wood for coffins

• Suppliers of Coffin handles 

• Suppliers of Hearses

• Suppliers of Lowering devices

• Suppliers of Mortuary fridges

• Suppliers of Training or courses for the funeral industry

• Suppliers of Catering equipment for the funeral industry

• Suppliers of any other funeral product or service




1. If you want to place a 500 word and Google map paid advertisement complete the PAID ADVERTISEMENT form.


2. A staff member will make sure that your add is funeral industry related, and if so, will place your advertisement on this website.


All advertisements that have nothing to do with the funeral industry will be treated as spam.